EventsEngineering  Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineer



After completing this course participants are expected to:

  • Understand the basic principles of exploitation of oil, natural gas, known as petroleum engineering.
  • Conduct a simple diagnosis and understanding of oilfield operations data management, such as petroleum geologiy data, rock and fluid reservoir data, production data, data drilling operations even the economic analysis of the data
  • Create a simple analysis of the data and perform data processing by using standard methods in petroleum technology
  • Perform simple quantitative calculations of the entire data acquisition petroleum operations: production geology, formation evaluation data production engineering and reservoir engineering data, drilling data, production data and economcs analysis data.


The background of course participants (not specified) : Operator, Sr.. Operator, Engineering and Non Engineering


  • Notion of Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Engineering data Management
    • Production Geology Data
    • Reservoir Engineering Data
    • Drilling Engineerig Data
    • Production Engineering Data
    • Economics Analysis Data
  • Reservoir Hydrocarbon Reservoir
    • Origine of Hydrocarbon Reservoir
    • Reservoir Pressure and Temperature
    • Reservoir Fluids Properties
    • Reservoir Rocks Properties
  • Reserve Estimation
    • Original Hydrocarbon In-place
    • Rock Thickmess
    • Iso-Porosity Map
    • Iso-Capasity Map
    • Recovery Factor
  • Reservoir Performance Analysis
    • Gas Reservoir Recovery Factor
    • Oil Reservoir Recovery facor
    • Efficiency Recovery
    • Material Ballance Equation
    • Predictionof Reservoir Performance
  • Drilling and Completion
    • Drilling and Completion Operation
    • Drilling Expenditure
    • Completion
    • Drilling Fluid Priperties
    • Data Accuisition
    • Drilling Optimasation
    • Special Problem in Drilling
    • Drilling Equipments
  • Formasi Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Reservoir
    • Permeable Formation Determination
    • Rocks Porosity Determination
    • Fluides Saturation Determination
    • Resevoir Average Thichness Determination
    • Formation Evaluation Equipments
  • Production Enginering
    • Inflow Performance Relationship
    • Primary Recovery Technology
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology
    • Downhole Production Equipments
  • Surface Production Facilities
    • Field Processing Unit
    • Oil and Gas Pipping System
    • Surface Production Facilities Equipments
  • Basic of Petrolem Economics
    • Parameter Utama Analisis Keekonomian
    • Net Present Value
    • Internal Rate of Return
    • Pay Out Time
    • Profit tInvesment Ratio
    • Field Case Example
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Facilities : Modul Hand-out, Flashdisk 8GB, 2x Coffe Break, Lunch, Sertificate, Non Residential

Course Leader :

Foto Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA
Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA

Was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1979 and hold Doctorate Degree with honored in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon I, France. The topic of his thesis is Modelisation Numerique d?Ecoulements Polyphasiques en Milieux Poreux Application au Cas de Calcul des Champs de Pressions et de Saturations dans un Gisement de Petrole.

For the time being, he is a professor and he alschaired as chairman of Drilling, Production…
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