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Building SOP for Taxation

One of initiatives in business process improvement is building & implementing standard operating procedure/SOP. In this workshop, we focus on enhancing your capability to build and implement SOP in the taxation function. Taxation SOP is very important not only because of increasing efficiency, but also it must comply with government regulation.

Courses Structure

  • Integrated system and business process
  • Business process modeling
  • Policies & procedures
  • Designing control system in taxation process.
  • Designing forms and reports
  • Step by step building SOP in the taxation process
    • Value added tax
    • Withholding tax
    • Corporate income tax
    • Tax reconciliation
    • Aligning taxation process to other business process
  • Change management

Who should attend

Relevant persons to taxation, accounting & business process management

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Facilities : Certificate, Training Modules, CD Module, Full AC Room, Proyektor LCD, Lunch / day, 2x Coffee break / day, Goody Bag, Block Note, Pen & Pencil

Course Leader :

Foto Muhamad Al Gamal, SE, MA, Ak
Muhamad Al Gamal, SE, MA, Ak

Trainer lulusan Master of Science in Administration di Universitas Indonesia ini memiliki segudang pengalaman professional, diantaranya:  Founder and Executive Director at Center for e-Accountability System (CeAS), Associate Consultant (project based) in Information System & Technology, Taxation, Auditing and Accounting, Data Analyst for evaluation Youth Economic Empowerment Inisiative (YEEI) Program at Indonesia Business Link Foundatioun,…
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